Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction

Streetworks defines Harm Reduction as:

Harm Reduction is a comprehensive, just, and science-based approach to substance
use. The principles can also apply to activities such as sex work. It represents policies, strategies, and services, which aim to assist people who use legal and illegal psychoactive drugs to live safer and healthier lives.

All substances have both positive and negative effects, and substance use may affect one’s health and legal vulnerability. It is clear that most people who use substances do not experience problems, but in some circumstances, substance use can become dependent and/or chaotic.  Harm Reduction recognizes that people use drugs for many reasons. Reduction of substance use and/or abstinence is not required in order to receive respect, compassion or services.

Harm Reduction enhances the ability of people who use substances to have increased control over their lives and their health, and allows them to take protective and proactive measures for themselves, their families and their communities.

It opens the door and welcomes people to become as safe and healthy as possible.

It is beyond a set of activities and programs but speaks to the approach, mindset, and attitude that strives to respect the Human Rights of individuals, consider people’s strengths, recognizes and addresses any barriers, and treats all people with respect and compassion.

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Overdose Prevention

We offer Take Home Naloxone Kits, training and workshops.

Due to an increase of accidental overdose deaths (largely due to Fentanyl being sold to and used by unknowing buyers) in our province and country, OPTIONS (along with other HIV organizations in the province) has partnered with Alberta Health Services to educate, train and empower clients, people who use drugs, and service providers to take a stand against accidental overdose deaths.

Harm Reduction Kits Hinton

Needle Exchange Program & Harm Reduction Kits

The following FREE supplies are available on request:
Needles (longs and shorts), filters, cookers, ties, sterile water, alcohol swabs, first aid supplies, sharps containers, condoms.

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Safer Sex Supplies

Free coloured, flavoured, glow in the dark, ribbed and studded male condoms, dental dams, female condoms, and lubricant are available by dropping in to our Hinton office at 107, 103 Government Road
in Hinton or 206, 4813 – 4 th Avenue in Edson. Call or text our Outreach phone at 780-712-2509 to arrange for pick up or delivery.