Needle Exchange Program & Harm Reduction Supplies

The following FREE supplies are available on request:
Needles – longs and shorts, filters, cookers, ties, sterile water, alcohol swabs, first aid supplies, sharps
containers, condoms

Pharmacy Program
Harm Reduction kits are available at the following pharmacies throughout our region:

  • IDA, Jasper
  • Life Med, Whitecourt

Harm Reduction Kits include needles, cookers, sterile water, tourniquets, alcohol swabs and condoms.

Harm Reduction supplies are also available at the OPTIONS HIV West Yellowhead office located
at 107, 103 Government Road, Hinton and in Edson at our OPTIONS HIV West Yellowhead office located in Edson at #206, 4813 4 th Ave.

Safe Needle Disposal Program – OPTIONS HIV West Yellowhead provides free sharps containers to
businesses and agencies throughout the West Yellowhead region. OPTIONS will install the containers
and pickup and replace the containers once they are filled. Personal sharps containers are also available for individuals at no cost.

Harm Reduction Kits Hinton