General Fundraising

  • Organize an event in your town to raise awareness and funds to support us.
  • Donate directly to our cause.


  • Share our website and social media with your networks.
  • Hang our get tested posters in your local bars/pubs and community forums.

Condom labeling distribution

Come down to the office and help us sticker and bag our free safer sex supplies.

Host a condom night in your local bars or pubs – we will supply you with condom crew t-shirts and a stack of condoms to hand out at events or busy nights. People love free things, especially when it is brought to them in a casual setting! It is a very fun opportunity and you can do it with your friends.

Talk to the bars and pubs in your town about having a condom dispenser installed (we supply the dispensers and condoms for free and make sure it is always in stock). Ask us for the proposal letter to present to the managers/owners.

Please email Lori (director@hivwestyellowhead.com) or call 780-223-4679 cell,  or 1-877-291-8811 (toll free) to volunteer!